Thursday, May 8, 2014

For M.

Roll the drums, and crash the waves, beat the time
And listen. Dirge the dance and teach my heart
its rhythm. Sing on, song and flute and rhyme,
Bring out your light, and flaunt your garish art!

Moon ring round the earth; earth around the sun,
You stars give rise and fall; All earthly things
With sightless eyes and wordless tongue
Go on about your seasons, sharing drinks

And cocktails with the splendour of the day.
Shine, you brash sun, on waters ever blue,
Bloom, you gaudy flow’rs; let your clock delay--
Be drunk on sunlit rainbows; dance upon the dew.
                   While you drink, dance, sing, I will hold the night;

                   Whisper I love you, sleep well, and goodnight.

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